SMB Nation 2007

On the day before SMB Nation, people are gathering in Redmond.  Partners are meeting for the first time and beginning to realize the truest value of any industry conference, networking with peers.  There will be plenty of content, vendor availability and special offers for attendees to satisfy the nearly 400 attendees new to SMB Nation events.  As for the 300 folks who have been to SMB Nation events, they are walking around recognizing some peer they already know.  The sentiment among them seems to be “we’ll see.” Well, for that I simply observe that while these folks may seem to be here merely to evaluate the worthiness of attending future SMB Nation events, they each have demonstrated they are hungry for content and eager to grow their businesses.  They are looking for value.  So far, they books flights, hotels, and transporation and are committed.  They are here.  My prediction is that each attendee this year will report back to those who “didn’t go this year” and say that “SMB Nation is BACK!” 

 Looking forward to an awesome 4 days in Redmond and meeting tons of partners whom I don’t yet know.  Pre day events are to begin in a few hours, so I will report back later during the conference.  Until then!

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